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Meet the Minds Behind BOA: Anjali & Narendra Arora

Art is no longer a luxury; it’s a lifestyle, made accessible through BOA.

– Anjali Arora

Established in 2022 by Anjali Arora, Founder and Director, and co-founder Narendra Arora, BOA, or Bouquet of Art Gallery, has swiftly emerged as a dynamic hub for art enthusiasts and collectors alike. At BOA, we firmly believe that art should transcend being perceived as a luxury, instead becoming a necessity in our lives. While not as essential as food or shelter, art carries immense cultural and personal significance, serving as a source of inspiration, emotional resonance, and unique self-expression.

Operating on a distinctive “Brand Promote Sell” approach, BOA meticulously selects and showcases the finest artists, bridging the gap between the digital and physical realms through both online platforms and offline exhibitions. By hosting these exhibitions with esteemed chief guests, we create immersive experiences that bring art to life, fostering connections between creators and collectors.

Our vision extends beyond mere appreciation to encompass art investments, providing collectors with opportunities to acquire genuine and authentic artworks with confidence. In the near future, BOA will introduce auctions, offering a dynamic platform for art enthusiasts to procure unique pieces while supporting the flourishing artists behind them.

In this digital age, BOA aims to promote “Buy Art at a Click” and is making its best efforts to make it easy for art lovers to browse and buy the best pieces. BOA offers art for all budgets and various settings including homes, offices, hotels, clubs, restaurants, events, and film sets. For instance, imagine adorning the walls of a chic boutique hotel with vibrant abstract paintings or enhancing the ambiance of a trendy restaurant with avant-garde sculptures.

BOA boasts an impressive collection of works from artists all over the world, spanning various styles and forms. Whether you’re drawn to classical oil paintings, contemporary digital art, or minimalist sculptures, BOA has something to cater to your taste and needs. Additionally, we welcome customized orders, ensuring that every client’s vision is brought to life with artistic excellence and precision.